How to access SharePoint

SharePoint is a system developed by Microsoft that allows users to easily share documents between one another. The technology department has created a knowledge base that contains important documents that will assist you with some of your technology problems. This document will guide you on how to access SharePoint and the knowledge base that was created for you. 


Step 1: Access your Microsoft Account.

  • Login to your district Microsoft account as you normally would. This is the same process for accessing your email on Outlook. When you successfully log in you should see this page appear on your screen:


NOTE: Most users will not see the “Admin” application on their screen.

Step 2: Click on the SharePoint application. 

  • In your list of Office 365 applications, you will see an application labeled “SharePoint”. Click on this application to open SharePoint.



Step 3: Search for the knowledgebase. 

  • When you click on the application, the following screen should appear.
  • The blue Knowledgebase box you see in the image above is the site you are trying to access. However, if you have not accessed SharePoint and/or this site, then the box above should not appear. To access it, click in the search bar at the top-left of the screen and type “Knowledgebase.” The results may not show immediately on this page, but clicking on the blue-arrow that will appear or clicking “More Results” after you have entered the keyword you are searching for. Doing so should show the results, and the Knowledgebase should appear in the list, as seen above.
  • Once you find the Knowledgebase site, click on it.


Step 4: Access the Documents folder.

  • Once you have entered into the Knowledgebase site, you will see this screen:


  • In order to access the files that the technology department has created for you, you will need to access the Documents folder. To do so, you can access it in multiple ways. If the word “Documents” appears on the left side of your screen, as seen in the image above, you can simply click the link there in order to open the Documents folder. If you do not see “Documents” on the left side of your screen, instead click on “Libraries” on the left side of the screen. 




  • If you click on the Libraries tab, the following page will appear: 


  • On this page, you should see the Documents folder. If you have not already, click on the Documents folder to access the uploaded files. Once you have clicked on this, this page will appear:


  • While on this page, you will be able to access the documents that the technology department has uploaded for your reference. Currently, as of August 2019, there are three documents available, two of which have been created within the past few months. These new documents will contain information on how to access your OneDrive files that were backed up to it over the summer due to the discontinuation of our Admin2K3/U/Network drive. The next document will teach you how to manually connect your printer to your computer, as the printers were worked on over the summer. Please note that those in the Thompson Early Childhood Center and Mary R. Fisher Elementary School will not have to manually connect their printers. Those printers have been managed and connected by the technology department. 


  • IMPORTANT: For the sake of an easier transition to the new school year, please refer to the uploaded documents regarding OneDrive and your printer setup before contacting the technology department about issues with printing/not being able to find your files. If after you follow the steps in the documents but are still having issues, then technology will be happy to assist you. 

We hope that this document was helpful to you in accessing SharePoint and gaining access to helpful documents uploaded by the technology department. If you have any questions/concerns about accessing SharePoint, please do not hesitate to contact us.