How to access OneDrive

To all faculty and staff,

Over the summer of 2019, the technology department has been hard at work to transfer and backup data from some of your desktop computers and all network folders on the Admin2K3/                        U: Drive/Network Drive. The server has been taken down, and now all your files that were stored on the server have been uploaded to Microsoft’s OneDrive service. This document is an instructional guide on how to access your OneDrive account and how to access your files that were backed up over the summer. 


Step 1: Open an internet browser, such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla FireFox.

Step 2: Go to

Type into the URL address at the top of the page. Then press the ENTER button on your keyboard. You should see the page displayed below appear on your screen.

Step 3: Sign in to your Microsoft Account

In order to access your OneDrive files, you will need to sign in to the service with your Microsoft account that is provided for you through the district. To start, click the “Sign In” button. 


Once you click this, the sign-in screen will appear. 

Follow the instructions on the screen to sign in to your OneDrive account, first entering your email address for TPS ( NOT and then the password associated with the account on the next screen. Successfully doing so will display the following screen, seen below.

After completing these three steps, you have successfully logged in and gained access to OneDrive. 


Over the summer, the technology department team worked to back up your personal documents to OneDrive. OneDrive accounts should have the following set of folders: Documents, Desktop, Pictures, Music, Videos, and Admin2K3. IMPORTANT: Not all accounts will have all of these folders included in it. The folders were created and filled based on the contents of either your local hard drive on your PC or in your network share folder.

All teachers have had their available files uploaded to OneDrive within one of these six folders. Some faculty and staff have had their desktop PCs replaced over the summer, specifically teacher PCs in grades K-4, and any teacher PCs that were in need of upgrades in grades 5-12. Only the PCs that were upgraded will have folders for Documents, Desktop, Pictures, Music, and Videos. All accounts will have an Admin2K3 folder, so long as there were files in the folder to backup. Some users did not have any files saved in that folder, therefore one was not created.