Webcams are an essential tool in our world today, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic keeping us working at home. This tutorial will provide a basic tutorial on setting up a webcam. Please note that the setup process for one webcam may be different than another based on the manufacturer and model.

Using a built-in webcam

Webcams typically come built-in to Windows and macOS laptops. Your webcam should automatically work on your laptop. To test it, open your Camera application on your Windows or Mac device to ensure that the webcam is working properly. If your webcam is not working, please read the following help articles on how to fix this. Articles for both Windows and Mac devices are provided:



Setting up an external webcam

Most external webcams plug into your computer through a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port. Please refer to the instruction booklet that should come with your webcam for how to properly set up the webcam. Once setup is complete, test the camera using the Camera application on your Windows device or Mac.