Over the summer of 2019, IT worked to update the names of the classroom printers to mimic the current room names. Because of this, you may notice that you cannot print when you try to, or you cannot find your classroom printer within the list of printers available to print to. If this is the case for you, please read this document in full to successfully connect your printer to your computer.

1: Ensure that all cables are properly plugged into their proper locations. IT should have already plugged your computer and printer back in, but please double check to make sure. Once you have checked that everything is properly plugged in, turn on your computer and printer (if they are not turned on already). 

2: Log in to your account.

3: Once you have logged in successfully, click on File Explorer.

4: In File Explorer, click on the search bar at the top of the screen. If you click on the above icon directly from your taskbar on your desktop, you should see the words “Quick Access” in the search bar. This is where you will want to click. 

5: In the search bar, enter the following network drive path: \\tpsics. This will load you into the network share for all of the printers we have set up in our system. The image to the right shows the screen that should appear if you properly enter the network drive path.


Continued below.

6: Browse through the list that appears and locate the printer that corresponds to your room. Please note that the printers are now named in the following convention: School (EC, ES, MS, or HS), and room # (A, B, C, D). 

7: Once you locate your printer, double click on it to connect it to your computer. If you have any issues with this part of the process, please contact the technology department. 


When Printing

As a reminder, when you are going to print, please make sure that you have selected the printer you connected while following this document. 

In Microsoft Word, you can click on “File” and then “Print.” In the image provided, you can see where your printer selection is located. The printer in this image is used as an example. Please click on the Printer tab and select your connected printer from the list, if it is not already connected by default.


When printing from places other than Microsoft Word, you can follow a similar process by selecting the printer you are using from an available list. 


If you are still having issues printing after following these steps, please reach out to IT so we may assist you.