As a student at Mary R. Fisher Elementary School, you have access to Chromebook devices that are specifically tailored to fit your educational needs. This tutorial will provide you with the basic functions of your MRFES Chromebook.

Logging in to your Chromebook

To turn on your Chromebook (should it not boot automatically), press the power button on the top right corner of your keyboard.

An MRFES Chromebook does not require a username and password for you to log in to the computer. On the home page, typically labeled “MRFES Student,” click the arrow in the center of the screen. Doing so will display another screen and message. To continue, click the blue circle with the arrow inside. You will then be logged into your Chromebook.

*NOTE* It is likely that the Chromebook will log itself in once turned on, so clicking to log in may not always be required.

Chromebook Features

Once you have logged into your Chromebook, Google Chrome, a web browser, will automatically open with four different tabs. Each tab is the login page for the various web applications that you will be using throughout the school year. The websites are as follows:

  1. Lexia Core5 Reading
  2. Edmentum Study Island
  3. ConnectED
  4. Kids A-Z

On the far left corner of the web browser, you should notice a tab titled “MRFES Shortcuts.” Clicking this tab opens a dropdown menu that allows you to select a different website to launch from your browser.

On the bottom left corner of your screen, you will see a small hollow circle. This is your Launcher. Clicking on the Launcher will bring up a small window. Here, you can search for something on the device, for an application, and on the web. To view all applications available to you on your Chromebook, click the upwards arrow above the textbox. You should now see all available applications for your Chromebook listed, including:

  1. Chrome
  2. Files
  3. Camera
  4. Settings
  5. Get Help
  6. Chrome Canvas
  7. Web Store
  8. Zoom

On the bottom right corner of the screen, you should notice an oval containing the current time and other symbols. Clicking on this oval will bring up some settings. Here, you can connect to the internet, use Bluetooth, turn off your Chromebook, etc. Please note that your Chromebook is managed by the Technology Department, so some features may be unavailable to you.

Logging out of your Chromebook

When you have finished using your Chromebook, click the pink “Exit session” button on the bottom of the screen. Doing so will return you to the homepage of your Chromebook. Simply closing the lid of the Chromebook has the same effect.